About Us

Entertainment Architect (EA) is a boutique agency focused in the entertainment industry. We help create and manage custom marketing strategies, content, and events for individual projects and campaigns.

Our services include marketing, event planning, visual media development, and project management. EA also focuses on cultivating opportunities for relationships and strategically aligning them with creative projects and events. We combine all of our areas of expertise into one entity, providing our clients with exclusive concepts and bringing innovative projects into fruition.

We are visionary avant-gardes helping others bring dynamic ideas to life.


As VISIONARY AVANT-GARDES, we have a passion for being progressive and creative. We aim to inspire and challenge others to pioneer into the creative unknown. We would like to motivate people to look within themselves in order to discover, imagine, express, and influence their thoughts and ideas in today’s global landscape. As forward-thinkers, we encourage others to dream in color. Let us help you on your journey today!


Entertainment Architect centers its efforts in creating opportunities to develop and manage versatile event productions and custom projects. We also aim at enhancing the overall value and effectiveness of your campaign, which can increase brand awareness, produce leads and provide the opportunity to generate profits. We can make and manage the different phases of each project from conception to execution, while also recommending and implementing a combination of traditional marketing and production methods and digitally strategizing techniques that will be unique to each project. Most importantly, we strive for successfully driven results.