Our Services

Entertainment Agency

With proficiency in navigating the nuances and varied concentrations within the industry, we can confidently venture into content production, publishing, licensing, marketing and branding sectors.

Talent Management Consulting

With a vast understanding of the inner workings of the industry. We tailor our management consulting and influencer methods to the individual's unique needs. We understand lifestyle trends, culture, and creative fluency. We develop dynamic strategies that make an impact and have the resources to take a artists and influencer’s career to new levels.

Experiential Events

Experiential events and activations are an in-demand and a growing strategy that businesses use to create a direct impact for brand awareness and cultivating leads.

Our agency focuses on developing these live experiences and can handle the complexities of producing and executing activations.

Strategic Partnerships

We leverage our existing community of personalities, brands, and business affiliations to create strategic partnerships and enhance our client’s brands and assets. As a result, we generate more opportunities and simultaneously elevate brand awareness for clients and projects.